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Short-term renters’ neighbors’ gripe tool (SD Reader)

“There have been protests, meetings, petitions, and lots of blowback directed at the City of San Diego for allowing the proliferation of short-term vacation rentals in residential zones and the lack of enforcement of current laws. On December 12, the San Diego City Council will host yet another meeting to address the issue. In the

Vacationers incompatible with neighborhood quality of life (SDUT)

“A blip on the radar screen a few years ago, short-term vacation rentals (STVRs) have proliferated in San Diego. Data show Airbnb, one of dozens of online vacation rental websites, has 3,530 listings in San Diego. Of those, 65 percent – 2,283 – are whole-house, absentee-owner rentals. These are unsupervised, lucrative, mini-hotels operating next to

Rein in vacation rentals (SDUT)

“The damage (from the explosive growth of STVR in San Diego) this does to the fabric of neighborhoods is incalculable. Mini-hotels with rotating groups of vacationers are incompatible with residents living next door. That’s why cities have zoning. Save San Diego Neighborhoods urges the city to ban mini-hotels from single-family zones.” Read the complete letter, Rein

Short-term rentals: Rules with teeth, flexibility needed (SDUT)

“In coming weeks and months, the San Diego City Council will consider adopting new regulations addressing short-term vacation rentals. With the rise of Airbnb and similar online sites making do-it-yourself rental side businesses easier than ever, many homeowners around America and the world have jumped at the chance to make extra money by renting their