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Here are some resources for researching and reporting STVRs in your community:

Short-Term Rental Watch – A Site for Reporting and Researching STVR

Short Term Rental Watch - Report and Research

Short-Term Rental Watch, at, is a tool for reporting and researching short-term rental properties.

Their About Us page describes the site as “An interactive website designed to gather and display data about short-term vacation rentals in communities while bringing together citizens suffering from the negative impacts of exploding numbers of vacation lodging businesses in their residential neighborhoods …”

AirDNA – How STVR investors see your community

AirDNA - How STVR investors see your community

See your San Diego neighborhood through the eyes of short-term rental investors. AirDNA is a subscription-based tool that investors use. It provide data on the number of active Airbnb rentals in an area, including information on occupancy, revenue, etc.

Seeing your community from this mercenary perspective is an eye-opening experience.

Note that in the screen shot below, “Map display limited to 2,000 properties. Limit increased for subscribed users.” There are many more properties than are visible.