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Your signs, letters, calls, emails are having an impact.

Keep up the pressure!

America’s history is dotted with stories of courageous citizens who – in the face of seemingly daunting odds – refused to be told by those in power that they could not protect their civil rights, their parks, their neighborhoods and their homes. By joining Save San Diego Neighborhoods in the fight for the right to enjoy a peaceful, non-commercial environment at your home, you are following in that proud tradition.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of concerned and committed citizens to make change in a democracy.

Just by displaying a yard sign, you let everyone know that the peaceful environment of your home and your neighborhood is not for sale. The signs alone are having an impact. But, we need even more people to display even more signs, particularly in the Point Loma area where Mayor Faulconer needs to be reminded that he is working for us, not Airbnb.

When Save San Diego Neighborhoods was formed in March of 2015, the discussion concerning regulating short-term vacation rentals was much different than it is today. You have helped raise the bar. Some type of regulation of STVR is coming to San Diego. But we need to make sure it truly protects our neighborhoods, does not burden already impacted neighbors, and is enforceable.

Here’s What You Can Do

Join Us, and Spread the Word

Please join us if you haven’t already, and ask your friends and family members to also join.

Talk to your neighbors. Participate in community meetings. Post a sign in your front yard.

Talk to Your Representatives

Make sure your City Council member and other government representatives know where you stand.

Not sure who represents you? Find your San Diego City Council Member.

Support Our Work

We need financial help. A few dollars can pay for printing a yard sign. Larger donations help pay our legal team for analyses, advice, and action. Any amount will help us fight this battle. At the moment, as we build our new website, we are unable to collect donations here.

Donate Now via our secure PayPal donation page.

Together, we will make a difference. Thank you.