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Short-term rentals: Rules with teeth, flexibility needed (SDUT)

“In coming weeks and months, the San Diego City Council will consider adopting new regulations addressing short-term vacation rentals. With the rise of Airbnb and similar online sites making do-it-yourself rental side businesses easier than ever, many homeowners around America and the world have jumped at the chance to make extra money by renting their properties for weekends and other short stays. In California, this has prompted fierce blowback from neighbors who say their communities are being disrupted and that the intentions of residential zoning laws are being twisted or ignored. This backlash has led to sharp crackdowns on rentals, often in the form of requiring a minimum 30-day stay. Hermosa Beach, Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach and Laguna Beach have strict rules, and several other cities are considering them.”

Read the complete article, Short-term rentals: Rules with teeth, flexibility needed, by San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board.