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Across the country and around the world citizens are organizing to push back against the investors who would destroy their communities for profit.

A select list of groups working on this issue:

CureSTR – Local Action. Global Strength.

News, information, and resources for fighting short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods.

Keep Neighborhoods First

Keep Neighborhoods First is working to protect residential neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area, to raise awareness, and to shape future regulations.

Shame On Ward

Learn how Councilmember Chris Ward is working against San Diego District 3

San Diego City Councilmember Chris Ward is acting out of loyalty to his campaign supporters, betraying the interests of the residents of the District he was elected to represent. He has proposed unlimited vacation rentals in District 3.

“The corporations and people responsible for illegally converting over 3,000 homes in District 3 into short-term vacation rentals poured thousands into Ward’s election campaign AFTER he won in order to protect their second most profitable area. Since then, he has been aggressively promoting a plan to legalize them instead of enforcing laws designed to protect his voters.

Based on Ward’s actions, his funders got a bargain and we are going to suffer for it.”

Learn more about this important issue, and what you can do about it, at

Preserve Monterey Neighborhoods

“This is a working group to consider litigation, voter initiative, and activism options to stop STR in Monterey County. We are looking for constructive suggestions and a healthy debate to develop a consensus and action plan that can win.”

Here is their page about San Diego. Note the large collection of articles and resources.

Save Our Neighborhood Del Mar

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