Mini-hotels are illegal;

OK home-sharing, swapping



Join us, contact City Hall,

display a yard sign



Local planning groups,

councils all backing SSDN



Municipal Code is clear:

See the code, analysis

"This is not really the sharing economy. These are motels in residential neighborhoods."

- Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait,

whose city banned STVR on June 29

"The Clairemont Town Council voted to support Save San Diego Neighborhoods in its efforts to prohibit short-term vacation rentals based on the current municipal code."

"We are concerned that short-term rentals may be exacerbating housing shortages and driving up the cost of housing in our communities."

- Three U.S. senators to FTC

Momentum keeps building

From Anaheim, to Clairemont, to the U.S. Senate, government is taking action to protect neighborhoods from undisguised commercial operations. When will San Diego step up?

Thought for the day:

58 percent of short-term vacation rentals in Laguna Beach have out-of-town landlords, says Ann Larson, assistant director of community development for the city. "We’re a world-renowned destination. We could fill up every single house with tourists. You’re constantly having people come and go who you don’t know. You don’t have that connection of having neighbors who know you. You can’t regulate that. You can’t condition that. The only way you can regulate it, is by not allowing short-term lodging.” See how Laguna Beach is responding.

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City Attorney Memo:

Existing Municipal Code bars from residential zones uses that provide lodging primarily to visitors, tourists. Why not enforce this already? See Dec. 21 memo.



Join, support SSDN.

Neighborhoods are for neighbors.

Save San Diego Neighborhoods is a true "grassroots" group begun by concerned citizens after the Pacific Beach Planning Group passed recommendations to regulate short-term vacation rentals on March 3, 2015. We are a 401-C non-profit organization.

864 Grand Avenue, PMB 526, San Diego CA   92109